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Our Services


  • Weldings

    Welding of chains and bracelets

  • Stone setting

    Setting of all types of stones in rings, earrings and pendants

  • Tailoring

    Adjustments and changes of measurements

  • Polishing

    Rhodium-plated, honed and crimped

  • Plating

    Gold-plated, copper-plated and lacquered

  • Stranding

    Of all types of necklaces

  • Creation

    Of new jewellery from one piece, gold or stones

  • Trophies

    Engraving of plaques and trophies

Clocks & Watches

  • Batteries

    Battery replacement, sale of all types of batteries: button cells, children's thermometers, kitchen scales, garage door opener and car remote controls.

  • Watch bands

    Watch band replacements for all types of watches

  • Polishing and matting

    Of steel straps and watch cases

  • Cleaning and overhaul

    Of all types of clocks and watches

  • Crystals

    Replacement of crystals

  • Hands

    Hands replacements

  • Clock faces

    Repainting and restoration of clock faces

  • Machines

    Replacement of kitchen or wristwatch machines

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