Who are we


At the beginning of 1960, Néstor Spagnoli, at the age of 13, began to work as an errand boy, window cleaner, assistant, apprentice… in short, those little jobs that are essential as a beginner, in a very important jewellery shop in his home town of Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He was very interested when he visited watchmakers, silversmiths, jewellers, gem-setters, etc., which is how he began his in-depth professional training in watchmaking and jewellery.

In 1967, he became the manager of this establishment, and in 1968 he began to specialise in jewellery and watchmaking. He studied at the School of Gemology and Jewellery in the city of Buenos Aires. In addition to this training, his teacher was a great Italian watchmaker, where he acquired in-depth knowledge in the repair of winding, automatic, clocks, table clocks, wall clocks, pocket watches, etc.

In 1978, together with his wife, they opened their first and own jewellery, Watch and Silverware shop «Spagnoli».

In 1986 they opened their second business where they developed more in depth everything related to the world of jewellery, watches, necklaces and silverware in the centre of their hometown.

With all this knowledge behind him, in 1991 he settled with his family in Spain, specifically in Majadahonda, and now that he is about to celebrate his 25th birthday, «NÉSTOR SPAGNOLI» JEWELLERY boasts an honest business, a very large portfolio of clients, and all the services that this establishment requires.

Now in the hands of his son Luciano Spagnoli.

«NÉSTOR SPAGNOLI» JEWELLERY and its unmistakable slogan, «Simply to look good».